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When your business is up against a commercial dispute or class action lawsuit, it is not just an issue of potential financial losses or resources spending responding to the dispute. You risk reputation damage and lost hours resulting in a diminished competitive edge. Ashby Law Firm P.C. provides critical 21st century legal defense for your business.

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Prompt And Critical Attention

After working for many years for a preeminent international litigation only law firm, Joseph R. Ashby founded Ashby Law Firm P.C. to concentrate on serving the legal needs of small to medium-sized businesses contending with commercial litigation including partnership and startup disputes, trade secret disputes, class action defense for false advertising claims, class action defense for wage and hour claims, and other matters. Selecting a limited number of cases, the firm provides prompt and meticulous attention to the cases accepted.

Joseph is a business trial attorney who has successfully handled cases in state and federal courts in California. His clients include a plethora of businesses such as automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, real estate investors, trucking companies, apparel wholesalers, and retailers. His clients range from small business to Fortune 500 companies.


Cost-Competitive Legal Services

Representing a small and medium business owner in a lawsuit is an intricate process. These types of cases require a highly skilled lawyer who focuses on an innovative problem-solving approach. Developing the right approach in a timely way is essential to the life of a business. Joseph R. Ashby has experience building strategies to pursue and defend claims involving small and medium size business from a legal perspective while also considering how a client needs to respond from a business perspective.

Defending class action lawsuits presents unique challenges for owners of small and medium size business owners. These types of cases require a highly skilled lawyer who understands the need to consider public relations, how litigation can consume the time and focus of company personnel, and potential class scale responsibility. It is particularly important in these cases that an attorney work with the client to develop the right strategy. Joseph R. Ashby has experience working with clients to build successful strategies to defend against putative class actions.

Joseph R. Ashby

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Solution Focused Litigation For Partnerships And Startups Disputes

Your resources may be finite, but your possibilities for a successful outcome are not. Discover your options for contending with burdensome litigation.