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Trade Secret Strategy

At Ashby Law Firm P.C., Joseph R. Ashby understands that trade secret protection has a central role for a business seeking to protect its confidential information and inventions that may not be subject to patent or copyright protection, or which a business has elected not to copyright or patent for strategic reasons.

Joseph also understands that evolving computer and communication technology present a further challenge for a business seeking to protect its trade secret information. The combination of the importance of trade secret protection with the challenges to maintaining that protection often mean that trade secret disputes represent “bet the company” risks for the businesses involved.

The Experience Your Business Needs

Joseph R. Ashby has experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in trade secrets cases involving the California Uniform Trade Secret Act and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act in state and federal courts. That experience provides an understanding of the unique issues that arise in trade secrets case, such as:

  • Preemption
  • Identification of trade secrets
  • Protecting trade secrets in litigation
  • Employee mobility issues
  • Proving or disproving misappropriation

Joseph uses that experience to help clients achieve business focused results to trade secret disputes.

Keep Your Trade Secrets Yours

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