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Do warning labels protect your company? 

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Litigation Defense

Most consumers are aware that there are a lot of warning labels on products that they can purchase. For example, over-the-counter medications will have warning labels about not mixing them with other products or not taking too much in a single dose. But there are also warning labels for things that seem obvious, such as a warning that someone should not touch the blade of a power saw.

People often think that these labels are for consumers, and they are – to a degree. They can help prevent harm. But the point of the warning labels actually revolves around the liability of the company that made that product. The labels can help to protect the company from being liable for potential injuries.

Providing consumers with proper information

One reason that consumers will sometimes give if they’ve been injured by a product is that they were never given the information they needed to use it safely. They didn’t fully understand the risks they were taking. Since those risks were known to the company, they say that the company is liable for their injuries.

A warning label is an easy way to get around this liability. It doesn’t prevent consumers from making mistakes. It doesn’t stop them from using products in an incorrect fashion. It may reduce the number of injuries that occur, but it can’t prevent all of them. Even so, a warning label can at least show that your company did everything in its power to keep those consumers safe, meaning that you are not responsible if they ignore the warning labels and suffer significant injuries.

These types of cases can get very complex and sometimes contentious. It’s important for business owners to know exactly what legal options they have.